Submissive sex

submissive sex

Last night was incredible I had my master titty fuck me with his huge cock, it felt so incredible. I love how his huge hard shaft rubbed in between my tits, making them all sticky and wet from his precum. My favorite part of the night was when I had my master fuck my wet cunt until I squirted all over the bed. He is the best  fuck , I never had any one that could make me so sore and cum so much. He just bends me over when ever he wants  and pushes my head down as he fucks me from the back, telling me what a tight wet pussy I have as he penetrates me hard and fast making my ass clap as he stuffs his huge mushroom head deep down my wet cunt. I really love how he spanks my ass and pulls my hair back as he stretches out my holes, I even swivel my hips making sure I fuck every angle of his cock as he thrusts in and out until finally , he blows his huge load deep into my cunt stuffing his load into my holes.  Once he finishes filling me up I do what a whore does best , I clean my masters cock up with my mouth making sure there is no cum left on his cock or in it. If I did a great job he only has to beat me for five minutes so I learn to respect him . While he hits me I have to say I am a stupid dumb whore over and over again. If I did a bad job he bends over and smashes my face up against his ass and makes me eat all the shit that comes out of it. While I eat his shit I have to say that I am a horrible whore who can’t fuck or suck that’s only good for eating shit , and only good as a cum dumpster. I have to go , before my gets mad and makes me deep throat his cock as he pisses down my throat.

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