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submissive sex

Submissive sex is what I need. That is what my ad said on FetLife. It is an online community for various fetishes. It is sort of like FaceBook, but for adults with kinky desires and needs. I have been chatting with a few men in my area for the past couple weeks. I finally got up the courage to meet an online master. He lives in San Bernardino, so we met some where neutral in between. He arranged a hotel for us. I was nervous. I don’t usually meet total strangers. Other than he is a dominant man, I knew nothing about him. I just knew about his past relationships with submissive women like me. Well, I knew what he wanted me to know. He could have been Ted Bundy reincarnated for all I knew. It was a risk. But, I like talking risks. It is part of being a submissive whore. I like being vulnerable. I like not knowing what may happen. On the drive to a neutral no tell motel, my cunt was dripping down my leg in anticipation. He was younger than I expected. Younger than me, which scared me a little. Young men these days are more misogynistic than sadistic. Not this young man, however. He had intense fantasies about abusing his mother. I reminded him of mommy dearest. Our submissive mommy session began with some skull fucking. He even pissed down my throat, which I was not expecting. I had to swallow his piss because if I didn’t, he made it clear I would be swallowing his shit and I wanted no part of that. I became an obedient piss guzzler and anal slut to him to avoid being a shit eater. He tied me up in an uncomfortable position to sodomize me for hours. It was a humiliating, debasing sexy time. I got fucked hard, but I he didn’t kill me. Only my ass got slaughtered.

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