Fuck Me Good, Master

bondage whore

My latest fantasy…. I come into your Dungeon like atmosphere. I’m wearing a skimpy little skirt, and a silk top that you’ll easily slip off. As soon as I walk up you slap me in the face, push me to my knee’s and slide your thick, hard, huge pre-cum cock deep in my throat. Fuck me in my mouth, and slap your dick across my face and slide it against my soft, luscious lips baby until your squirting me all in the face, mouth, tit’s. Now you pull me up, place a chain around my little waist, connecting to my wrist, and down to my ankles. Whip the shit out of me, leaving red whelps. Make me beg you to stop until you bend me over and push your fuck rod ¬†deep into my asshole. Grab my sweet ass and squeeze it while you pull me up and down, penetrating my ass. Tight little rosebud asshole. Fuck me hard and good Master!

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