Submissive Sex for Life

submissive sexSubmissive sex is what I am good for. Nothing else. I try to have “normal” sex with guys, and it never works. Every man I meet wants to dominate me. I understand that maybe I represent the woman that wronged them from their past or they just hate all women. But I try so hard to date, and I cannot find a guy who wants to treat me like a princess to save my life. My past few Tinder dates have been a disaster. I do have a master, but he has given me permission to date if I never forget my place with him. He is married and he will be retiring soon too, so he does not want me alone for the rest of my life. He would never sell me or give me to another master because the dominant men he knows would destroy me. I lucked out with him. In way he has been the father my own father should have been to me. Not that I have daddy issues, but my master is very benevolent to me. Sure, he ties me up, spanks me, makes me drink his piss and occasionally flogs my ass, but he bought me a house and gave me a job with benefits and pays for my health insurance too.  I thought the guy I went out with last night might be like my master. He was older and paternal like my master. He did not want a good submissive whore, however. He did not want to date either. He wanted to give me a hardcore ass fucking. Like a violent ass fuck while choking me out kind of thing. Not quite as old as my master, but way more violent. Maybe it is my destiny to just be used and abused by men. What do you think?

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