Feet Torture Fantasies

Submissive Whore

My Master likes to torture my feet to punish my ass! He takes just about anything that he can and turns it into a paddle on my feet! The first thing he used was a long, thin, and plastic rod as he has me hogtied so I can not get away! He shoves my panties down my throat to gag me and make me quiet as his cock grows hard at the stinging swats onto my feet! They burn like hell but my silent screams don’t stop him when he brings out a paddle. It isn’t as bad o a sting but it gets my pussy wet and he can tell! He sets my legs free and spreads me wide to shove his cock into my pussy! It feels so fucking good but I don’t get to cum because brats don’t get to cum when they don’t listen to their Master.

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    • Jerry on March 2, 2022 at 10:28 pm
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    I want to cum all over your feet after I abuse them

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