Submissive Sex for Life

submissive sex

Submissive sex is all I am good for. Most of me knows this, but every now and I then I try to be a normal woman. You know, the kind of woman who dates. The kind of woman who has a boyfriend, not a master. My master is older and will release me soon. I will never fully be gone from him, however. I owe him so much. He has taken superb care of me financially. I will be set once he releases me. And when he dies, I have been provided for in his will. He has set my son and daughter up with trust funds too. He is a benevolent master in many ways, but I am still a slave. Even though I realize that I have it made as far as being a submissive whore goes, I still like to pretend I am a normal soccer mom. I got on a dating app recently. This was not a fetish site or even Tinder. Just a regular dating site for men and women. I have been seeing this guy I met for a couple weeks now. He thinks I am a paralegal. He knows nothing about my past or my master-slave relationship with my boss. He has taken me to nice dinners. We have had wonderful conversations. We have even had normal sex. He is my age, which was different for me too. Tinder dates are all half my age. Masters are all 20 plus years older than me. For a couple weeks, I have felt normal. That all changed last night when he slept over for the first time. He woke me up in the middle of the night to piss in my mouth and fuck my ass like an animal. He choked me while he delivered a hardcore ass fucking like no one has in years. The moment I tried to say no, he smacked me across the face and made me lick his sweaty, dirty asshole as retribution. He told me once a submissive slut, always one. He knew this entire time. I guess I will never be able to escape who I am.

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    • Quin on June 4, 2022 at 7:00 pm
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    You can never escape your submissive fate.

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