submissive sex for the four

submissive slut

I don’t see eye to eye with my boyfriend on everything, but I try. It’s his birthday, and I know he wants to do something up his alley. Usually, that will involve his friends and him getting scolded by all the other girlfriends and me. We like to be in control. The situation isn’t so easy. It’s complex. 

These guys made sure to seek out alpha girls who don’t take shit from anyone. Rich girls, girly girls, who party and live by the beat of their drum. They knew us, and they drew in on each of us. They were more than aware that we wouldn’t be into submissive sex. The plan was to get each of us in a room and tortured until we changed our ways. No more dominant women who believe in that stupid girl power movement.

Instead, each of us would be worshiping their cocks and living life on their terms. We would each be beaten, slapped, and fucked by all the gang members. The leader happens to be the birthday boy.

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