Submissive Sex for the Holidays

submissive sexIt was a submissive sex Christmas. Not with my master either. I have been stuck all week at home with my son and his friends. He hangs with a bad crowd. They party and get horny. Since they have been shacking here, I am the only thing around to fuck. Well, my daughter is here, but she has no tits or ass. Some guys like that young body, but guys her age want a milf with curves. They want a woman who can handle a hardcore fucking. My son hates me most of the time. He does not see me as his mother. He sees me as just a dumb cunt and a submissive whore. Him and his friends have been tweaking all week and decided to force fuck me. Not before they stripped me naked and humiliated me, however. They made me stand in front of them as they called me fat and ugly. My son had a cattle prod he used on my exposed body. He would shock my tits and my pussy. One of his friends shocked my asshole making me piss all over the floor. As if that was not degrading enough, my son pushed me down on the ground and made me lick my piss up. Then him and his friends gang banged me. They were rough and degrading. Passing me around like I was a piece of candy. I was so humiliated. They grabbed my tits and slapped me. They fucked all my holes. Even pissed in my holes too. I was covered in cum and piss, even sweat. I am not used to fucking so many guys at once. All week I have been held captive in my house. Not able to leave or do anything but entertain these horny, fucked up boys. I guess it could be worse. The life of a submissive slut is never fun.

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    • Arnaldo on June 1, 2022 at 4:15 pm
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    I love women who change their looks up. My late wife loved wigs.

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