He Owns Me

submissive whoreHe came home and was in a festive mood. Off work for the rest of the week and ready to party. I heard him on the phone inviting some of his friends over. I knew what that meant. That meant that I would be the entertainment for the evening. My body would be theirs, to do with what they pleased. I didn’t even wait for him to instruct me, I immediately got dressed in the hot maid outfit he loves. I then waited at the edge of the bed for him. He walked in and his eyes glazed over. He was infuriated with me. Firmly he told me how I belong to him and that I was NEVER to assume anything and that I must be enjoying myself.

He pushed his fingers inside my exposed cunt, and I was soaking wet. He pulled them out and pushed them down my throat. This is what a slut tastes like. A disobedient whore. He grabbed me by my hair and drug me down the stairs. He attached me to the cross and put the Hitachi wand on my clit. He turned it on high and left me. Let’s see how you enjoy yourself now he told me. The orgasms continued on and on for an eternal amount of time. Tears ran from my face with the pain. The party didn’t start for hours, and he had no intention of releasing me. As his friends started to arrive, he spit on my face and told them to enjoy themselves. Nothing was off limits tonight.

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    • Frankie on January 21, 2022 at 12:43 am
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    You one hot bondage whore, Shiloh

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