Submissive Sex For Your Pleasures

Submissive sex

My Master, it is you I seek to please. I am your submissive sex slave for you to use. Do with me as you wish, Master.

The other day I was so busy not minding my Master’s rules and ended up in a bind. Well, I more or less ended up bound. Gagged and hogtied in a hotel rooms bathroom. The guy I met up with for a play date was in fact, well…. embarrassingly enough… my current Master! He caught me in the act of flirting with strangers and meeting them behind his back… red handed. I was lured in, blindfolded and taught a lesson before he exposed who he was.

How did he do this exactly? Well really it isn’t hard to fool me after I have been smoking and drinking and being a horny slut. I was treated as I am used to. Master had a pawn lure me in and then once I was bound he came in and my fun and games were over.

It’s true, I am now caged and I need to be a dirty slut but he has me locked up right now.

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    • Leonard on June 23, 2022 at 1:59 pm
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    You look like this feisty little tv star from the early 80s. Totally my type.

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