Submissive Sex in the Office is Why Master Keeps Me Around

submissive sexOffice submissive sex is what I do best. I am the secretary every man fantasizes about. Master rarely pimped me out in the beginning of our relationship. He liked having me all to himself. And I get that. Plus, I knew he worried about STDs. He never wanted someone else to give me something that I gave to him and he in turn gave to his wife. But at his wife’s age, sex is no longer part of their relationship. I am the only one master fucks.

Although he still fucks the shit out of me, it is not the several times a day rate it once was with us. But something that works better than Viagra is watching his submissive slut fuck one of his clients or friends. Sometimes, when master can sense that a client digs me, he uses me to sweeten the deal. Master is mostly retired, but he still loves money. And some clients have wills and estate large enough to make him come out of semi-retirement.

And Bill was once such client. His parents’ estate is worth billions. If master got the job to help them with their final wishes, he would easily make a million dollars off the commission. So, master tossed me into the mix to convince the son who has power of attorney to select us as the estate planner. Bill wanted nothing more than to fuck me. Perhaps, he was not initially keen on master watching us, he quickly forgot an old man was even in the room.

I am an Office Whore for Master and His Clients

However, I will never forget master is watching. I fucked Bill like the dirty whore I am. A submissive whore like me can win a client over with a hardcore ass fucking. Bill slammed his cock in my ass fast and hard. He gaped my asshole. Then he got off watching me become his ATM. That means ass to mouth. I sucked his cock clean of my dirty ass and I held a smile while doing it.

Bill pissed on me too. He got rough with me. Slapped me. Choked me too. He partially prolapsed my ass. But it was all worth it for the money. We got the client. So, I need an inner tube to sit on for a while. It is all part of the job being an office whore.

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