Submissive Sex is the Best

submissive sexI’m not allowed to say anything good about myself, so I am really hoping that Master Tomas doesn’t see this. I am a great submissive sex slave. I’m not basing this on my opinion at all. He’s never said it directly to me, but I overheard him once talking on the phone to a man he was going to pimp me out to. He told him that I was the best sub he’s ever had. I have never been more excited and grateful for someone’s opinion of me. After that, of course, I started trying even harder to do my best for Master and anyone he loaned me to.

He noticed that I was sucking his cock a little better and even told me that my pussy felt tighter. I told him that it was probably just my unconscious mind making sure he got what was coming to him every day. The more satisfied my Master is, the happier he will be. I would still do as he says no matter what, but it’s always nicer when he’s being kind to me. I don’t deserve that, but sometimes he takes pity on a whore like me and treats me like an actual human being. Would you? Or would you treat me like a little bitch? 

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