Submissive Sex Is The Most Exotically Hot Sex I Love

It’s Submissive sex that can really get my cunt wet. I get completely out of my mind when I am submitting and have to just give up control. Ultimately giving up control means I no longer have the upper hand nor say. I like that.

In the sense of the aforementioned, here is one story. I had a Master that was a CEO of some elite Law Firm. This Master decided to through a party where I played doggy. My only thing to wear were puppy ears, a puppy nose, a dog collar, and a furry tailed butt plug.

Once the guests arrived they were all told that I would be a good puppy for the night. A slut puppy at that. And my job was to use my dirty puppy mouth. That I would go around and lick all of their assholes and lick their cocks until they came.

Obviously this was pretty damned humiliating. However I also found it terribly hot. The idea of having all twenty of these men eventually cumming in my mouth was hot.


Submissive Sex

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