Submissive Sex is the Only Kind of Sex I Am Allowed to Have

submissive sexSubmissive sex is what I do best. I do not really know how to be dominant. Guys ask me to dominate them. I try but I am not very good at it. I prefer to be the slave. I told master about this one caller I had last week who wanted me to be his dominant mommy, and I failed miserably, LOL. My master has a friend, much younger than him, who has a mommy fetish. Master thought I would be perfect for him. I told him I could not be his dominant mommy. I should have known better. Master would never expect me to be anything but a submissive whore for any of his friends. I met the guy over the weekend. He was just about my age. He told me his mother was a redheaded whore just like me. I asked him how mommy could serve him, and he shoved me down on the ground and slapped me with his cock. His cock was way bigger than I expected. This guy was hung like a horse. His own mother was likely afraid of his horse dick and that is why she always rebuffed her son’s advances. This friend of master’s was fed up with milfs dick teasing him. He was ready to get his revenge. And my holes were how he got his aggression out. He fucked my ass and my pussy raw. No lube was used. No protection either. He kept calling me mommy. It turned me on to be called mommy even if it was rough sex. I did not need any slave training to be a submissive mommy. I let my son do whatever he wants to me. He hates me, but occasionally he will fuck the shit out of me to try to break me. This friend of master’s thought he could break me too, but I was broken a long time ago. I just acted the part. He would be so pissed to discover that this mommy whore loved the hardcore fucking he gave all my fuck holes.

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