Submissive Sex School Girl Once Upon a Time

submissive sexI was raised to be a submissive sex slut. When my mother left, I was just a little schoolgirl too. My dad was a mean SOB to her. I was aware that their marriage was far from conventional, but I did not understand the dynamics until she left, and I took her place. I was never a daughter to my father. I was a fuck doll, prisoner, and slave. The very night my mother left, my drunk mean old daddy crawled into bed with me and took my virginity. He fucked me every day after that until I ran away. I did not enjoy my younger days. Daddy made me service him and that included things like licking his ass and giving him head when he was shitting on the toilet. I became his wife and maid. I cleaned the house. I cooked his meals. I learned how to make his favorite cocktails. He pulled me from school saying they were moving out of state. He was afraid of me telling a schoolteacher or counselor about the abuse. I became a prisoner. He tied me to the bed while he went to work. He would leave a TV on for me, but I had to hold my urine or piss my bed. If I pissed my bed, I stayed in it all day. He would fuck my ass, my pussy and my mouth at all times of the day. Sometimes, just to humiliate me, he would wake me up in the middle of the night to piss in my mouth. My holes were gaped and well-used before I could legally vote. With my youth, it should be no surprise that I am a submissive whore. Daddy trained me well. I may not see my father anymore, but a girl never forgets her roots.

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