Vibrating Panties Of Torture

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When my Mistress is feeling extra wicked she makes me wear ‘the vibrating panties of torture’ all day long as I meticulously clean her house. She makes me organize her closet, clean her kitchen and bathroom with a toothbrush and any other menial tedious task she can think up all while wearing the vibrating panties. When she toys with the remote and sets the vibration high, I’m likely to mess up on my chores… she punishes me with a cock in my ass without any lube or a hard paddling on my soft ass. I’m cleaning all her crystal glassware when she turns the vibration on the panties all the way to pulsate, I break a glass because she left it on for three minutes straight, My orgasm overpowered me wildly and the glass shattered ruining my release, I knew Mistress would be down any minute to punish my ass for the mistake.

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