Submissive Sex Slave My Entire Life

submissive sex

Submissive sex is what I am good at. It is funny when I think about where I am today. I hated being my father’s sex slave and punching bag. I ran away promising myself I would never be some one’s bitch again. I never succeeded in my goal. I have been someone’s bitch since I was a schoolgirl. Turns out, I work better being owned. I went from my father to my husband to my current master. I tend to stay long with men who own me. I have it made with my current master. He takes care of me financially. He has owned me since I was in my 20s. He paid for my education to make me his paralegal. He bought my home that I live in which is 10 miles from where he lives with his wife. He pays for my health insurance. He set my son and daughter up with college education funds. I am set for life because of his benevolence. I just must be a good submissive whore. Now, my master has never been as brutal to me as my father or ex-husband, but sometimes he shares me with men who can be brutal. Master is old school. He is into bondage, spankings and light BDSM. He uses safe words. Some of his friends, however, are misogynistic assholes who just hate women. I was pimped out for a legal favor my master needed. This law clerk for an opposing team would not take a financial bribe. He wanted a night with his slave. It was 24-hours of hell. He tied me up so I would not fight him. He fisted my ass and my cunt. At the same too. Master has never fisted me.  He let 20 of his best friends force fuck me all night long. They pissed on me and in me too. I was so used up the next day, master instantly regretted pimping me out because now my holes are messy and looser.

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