pretty in pink!

bondage whore

My boyfriend came home from work after sexting him all day teasing that big thick cock of his! When he got home I was in the kitchen like the good little slave I am making him his favorite dinner completely naked! My boyfriend was so fucking hard he didn’t even care if the food burnt he his cock came first! So he threw me over his shoulder and tossed my little body on the bed getting out his favorite toys to punish me for being such a fucking cock tease! He took out the handcuffs and cuffed my hands behind me and rolling me on my stomach to get the whip! My tight little pussy was so fucking wet thinking about what he is going to do to punish me! Daddy whipped me five times and it hurt so fucking bad but it made my yummy juices run down my thighs! He then took out his massive cock and used all of my fucking holes as his cum dumpster until his balls were empty before letting me up to fix his plate as he showered!

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