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Submissive Sex Slave on and off the Phone

submissive sex

Submissive sex hit a new level with me yesterday. I am almost fearful to say anything because I do not want to give my phone masters any cruel ideas for punishing me. Master C made it known from the get-go that he was a sick master and I was nothing more than a dumb cunt here to amuse him. He told me that I had never met another phone master like him, and he was correct. First up, was jumping up and down so fast that my tits smacked my face. I tried explaining that my boobs are fake and do not bounce like that. He did not want excuses. He wanted what he asked for. I had to run in place a little hunched over so my boobs would make a sound against my flesh and please him. It was hard to hold the phone. I was too afraid to drop it. I tried speaking and he told me to shut the fuck up. When he told me to stop, I sighed in relief. That relief was short lived because he had more in store for me. I had to spin around the room fast. I am not Wonder Woman changing outfits. I got dizzy fast. I stumbled, fell and he was not happy. After that I had to pant like a dog. Like the dog I am. Again, I got dizzy and almost passed out. I felt nauseated too. After the call, I fell on the floor. My daughter rushed up to see what was wrong. She does not have much use for me. When I told her about my caller, she laughed at me. Told me I brought it on myself and did not deserve pity. She made me eat her cunt. She pissed in my face and then grabbed my strap-on I use for my submissive whore girlfriend and fucked both my holes. I thought it could not get worse than my caller, but my daughter is a natural mean master.

Submissive Sex Slave at Work

submissive sexEver thought about having a submissive sex slave at work? If you are your own boss, it is one of the perks. My master is my boss. We had more BDSM office games when he was younger but he has been on a new med lately that has brought him back to the old days. Miracle of modern medicine. He greeted me yesterday with a belt and a hard cock. It has been forever since he had wood in the morning. I was as happy to see him as he was to see me. I bent over my desk to take my morning punishment. Some bare bottom spankings starts the day off well for us both. He had some strength in his arms that I thought was long gone. I got more than spanked too. He fucked my ass like a horny teen boy would. No lube. Just his hard cock up my dry ass as he pulled my red hair and twisted my titties. I could tell he was making up for lost time. He hammered my ass for an hour before he came. I was lucky before if he could fuck me for 60 seconds.  I thought he was done and I could get back to my work. He was just getting started. He ordered me to shit his cum out of my ass and lick it up. He enjoyed humiliating me too. I did as I was told.  When he is in perfect master mode, I better do as I am told, or I will suffer painful and humiliating consequences.  The rest of the day went as expected. I was fucked in the ass more. I had to hold his cum in my ass with a butt plug. I was tied naked to my desk with my arms free to type. My boobs were bound tightly to look like torpedoes. He is back. I’m out of practice, but happy to have him back, even if for just awhile.