Submissive Sex Slaves Need Trained First

submissive sexAll I am good for is submissive sex. However, I have decades of experience being an owned slave. And sometimes men require my skills and knowledge to break in a younger generation of sex slaves. Master lent his prized pony to a friend of his. The man cannot keep slaves because he looks in the wrong places. He wants something young, perky and eager. But he keeps getting poser slaves. Sugar babies who play a role to cash in on his money.

Real subs, real slaves you do not find on dating sites. You find us in BDSM clubs or in fetish online communities like Fet Life. Tinder and dating sites? Well, you can only find posers there. Girls who want to explore, but when you get too rough ghost you. Young girls are tight and pretty. Shiny and new. But men like my master need a sturdy girl. One with experience in the BDSM world.

A Seasoned Sex Slave Helps Train the Younger Slaves

So not only did I help my master’s friend find a long-term submissive whore, I broke her in this week. She is younger than me but still older, like late 30s. Lost her master last year to Covid, needs to be owned. Her master sounds like mine. So, I had to prepare her for her new master. Even though the guy is in his 60s, he can be rough on his subs. He enjoys fisting, pissing games, suspension and oxygen deprivation. Honestly, I am glad he is not my master. Although, I have been pimped out to him a few times.

I put this sub through some shit too. But I needed to test her. See if she can handle her life with this master. Slave training, I take seriously. Plus, I would love to have a fellow sub friend. All the slave girls this guy went through in the past ten years, never liked me. They only mocked me. She bonded with me this past week. However, I did fist her, choke her, suffocate her and whip her a lot. That makes a woman bond with you.

 She pasts all my tests. If she doesn’t come for my master, I think we will get along just fine. Maybe I can help you break in a slave girl too?


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