Submissive Sex Sluts are Never Too Old to be Broken In

submissive sexI was raised for submissive sex. I do not know if my father always intended for me to be his sex slave, or it just happened because my mother left us. Men have needs. That is why they have wives and daughters. Or at least that is how my father put it to me. I know he wanted to justify what he was doing to me. That was decades ago, and I am still submissive to men. I thought I might be able to leave the BDSM life, but I think it in my DNA. I have been owned since I was knee high. I do not think I have another life in me. In fact, I have been trying to show my teenage daughter that being a submissive whore is something to be proud off. She does not respect the choices I have made, even though my choices have provided well for her. She is 18 now. Barely legal, but she is legal. My master never wanted anything to do with her when she was jailbait. I told him how disrespectful she is to me, and just how unruly she has been. I though maybe he would fuck her, but he barely fucks me. I wanted a man to put my little bitch in her place. The girls of today are being raised to think they are special. They think the rules do not apply to them and that men will just give them things because they are cute. My daughter wants to be a sugar baby, so she gets spoiled. She does not want to be any man’s bitch, but she needs to learn her place. Master sent one of his friends over last night to explore his rape phone sex fantasies for barely legal girls. My daughter was not happy at all. This guy tore up her perfect little holes. She is black and blue, and swollen between her legs today. I am getting the evil eye too. She got fucked hard, but she has not been broken yet. I guess I need a few more guys to fuck her raw. Are you game?

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