Submissive Sex: What I Crave From Master

Submissive Sex

I’m always a good horny submissive sex loving whore for dominant men and women. My latest Master loved how fucking wet I got the more he punished me. He would take my hairbrush and spank my ass with it while taking a vibrating wand to my clit making me squirm so fucking bad. I can never hold back with this Master he knows just how to get my cunt squirting and it angers him when I cum without his permission.

We both know I love it though his anger thrills the fuck out of me making him rougher in turn me wetter and so fucking horny. He will tease the fuck out of me and one time tied me up and left me squirming and horny as fuck for a good hour before returning and shoving his throbbing huge cock in my hungry cunt.

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