Submissive Sex with a Stranger

Submissive sexAs I was on the way home from picking up groceries, I felt I was being followed. I can’t describe it too well, just that eerie prickling sensation you get. Well, I was right, because no sooner had I gotten to my stoop and turned about to have a look than this hottie walked up the stairs to stand next to me. He asked if he could help me in, said he’d seen me struggling the last block or so, but didn’t want to seem like he was harassing me by trying to yell out or catch up to me.

He pushed past me the instant my door was open, and he grabbed my groceries. The moment my door was closed and I turned around, he was on me. He pinned my arms to the door above my head and pressed his legs around my own. His mouth lowered to mine, and he took control and possession of me. It was scary, but thrilling and such a turn on that I couldn’t have resisted if I had the presence of mind to. I melted into his control.


    • adult vibes on November 24, 2016 at 5:23 pm
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    Its really awful to have sex with a stranger ! Its also not good for us. There will huge possibility of health issue for have sex with strangers. I don’t know why you had give chance to the men to do sex with you !! You should be careful.

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