Submissive Sex with My Son and His Friends

submissive sexWhen you are me, it is a submissive sex holiday always. I am on break from my paralegal job until after the first of the year. My master and I had a small office party for two last week. I am going to be working more as a phone whore since I do not have to get up early three days a week and go to an office job. I will miss my master, but I will have you all to keep me busy, right? I was fast asleep last night, when I was startled awake by my son and some of his friends. They were drunk and horny. I demanded that they leave. My son is over 18 now, but my boss still does not want me fucking him and his pals. My master / boss told me at first, I could do nothing illegal because if I got caught it would reflect badly on him. Once my son was 18, my master still held strong to his believe that if I let my son bang me, it would tarnish his reputation as a lawyer. I think he is just jealous of a young man’s hard cock. My son does not need a Viagra to fuck me. I tried to tell the boys to go to sleep. Even offered money so they could go to the strip club. They wanted this mommy submissive whore. I tried to fight them off, but I am no match for a bunch of strong drunk boys. They dragged me out of bed and fucked me like horny animals. They ravaged my mouth, cunt and asshole. They fucked my holes. They even pissed in my holes too. And when their dicks would not work anymore, they sodomized me with beer bottles. It was like a nightmare, but I woke up with cum in my holes and a very sore asshole, so I knew it was not a dream. I wish it had been because my holes looked like raw meat. What do you want for Christmas? If it is to explore your rape phone sex fantasies for mommy, I can help.

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