He Made Sure To Show Me I’m Just For Using

Golden shower phone sex

He ripped my panties off as my whimpers were muffled by the gag he tied into my mouth. He spanked my bare bottom as he told me I’m his property and I will soon be getting a warm surprise. That is when he unzipped his pants and started pissing all over me, giving me a warm golden shower. Seeing me drenched in his piss turned him on because he shoved his hard pissy cock in my mouth. He continued fucking my throat until I gaged and couldn’t breathe. After his cock was slippery from the throat fucking he gave me, he shoved it deep in my cunt. He made sure to fuck me into the ground pounding my face on the floor with every stroke. His big cock was starting to feel good when he pulled it out and shoved it in my ass. I yelped out and he just laughed telling me I am just a slut to be fucked in every hole and I must take it. That is when I felt his cock filling me up with his thick creamy nut. When he finished, he got up and told me I was to stay that way until he was ready for more 

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