submissive sex

submissive sex

I am a piece of shit and a stupid cunt. I have to prove myself every time. I was given the title of being a stupid bitch. In turn I get to hole many titles. Because I am such a piece of shit and a stupid cunt I am required to repeat it to every person I see, that way they know what I am too. I act as if they cant already tell by looking at me. I like my eyes full of piss and my face caked with a shit facial. I am lucky if I even get a cock full of cum. I am not worth anything and am so pathetic, so I am a lucky bitch if I get some goodies. On top of taking the humiliation I am required to take a cock down my throat until I puke all over it. I am just happy I get any attention at all. I am grateful actually. I know how I am and if someone is giving me the time of day just to let me know how much of a stupid piece of shit cunt I am- I will take it and be the little submissive whore that I am.

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