Submissive Slave and Kind Master

Master please, can I cum? I beg him as he removes the vibrator from my dripping slit. Did you superiors miss me? Ive been busy getting my black ass plowed and played with by my new master. He is on the softer side and only gives me light bare bottom spankings on my sexy round ass and edges me until I am about to cry. I try to make him abuse me more like the rest of my masters, but he would rather torture me with orgasms. He really likes to suck on my pretty chocolate snatch while I drip down his chin like a ripe mango. Master says he loves the way my nigger juices taste and that I’m his forbidden fruit. He says these things, but I know he secretly hates the fact that he loves to make his superior white tongue disappear in my slutty black holes. His favorite is to stick his fingers in my snatch while he tongue fucks my asshole! The only thing is master requires lots of control and only lets me cum when he says so. If I begin to soak too much, Master will bring me to the edge of my climax and then stop. I have to beg for more. I love begging master to make my nigger pussy cum!

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