Submissive Toy

Submissive phone sex

Nothing makes me wetter than when my Master dominates me. Something about being tied up and fuck or given bare bottom spankings from him just drives me wild. He has total control over me. I submit to his every whim. Last night he had a few of his friends over and they had been drinking. I was in the closet tied up and gagged waiting to be used when he stumbled in drunk and dragged me out. I had made him angry earlier and the closet was my punishment. He bent me over a table so that everyone could use me however they wanted. His friends took turns fucking my holes and spanking my ass. When they were done, they would cum in me and pull out and leave me laying there like a used toy. It was humiliating and degrading, but I secretly loved it. I love being their little fuck toy that they can do whatever they want to with!

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