Submissive Whores Don’t Have A Choice

Submissive whore

It was chilly that night after work I decided to head on down to a little local bookstore. I had a craving to be lost inside a fantasy novel, it didn’t occur to me that I would be tempting fate by doing something just for me. As I was leaving the store a man grabbed me and dragged me around a corner. I went with little fight and when he thrust me against the cold brick wall I realized it was one of my old masters. He sneered at me as he started to undo his belt and pants. “Who let the whore out of her cage” he hissed shoving his hand up my skirt, pushing my panties to the side. 

“It’s been too long, little whore” his hot breath blew in my face and despite being startled I couldn’t help but get wet with excitement. “Yea submissive whores don’t have a choice to say no” he teased me as he shoved his hot thick cock up inside my wet hairy pussy. Thrusting up inside me over and over causing my backside to be scratched up by the bricks. The stinging of each scrap and continued burning only added to the intensity of my orgasms as he continued to fuck me. Finally, he couldn’t hold back and blew his thick white load of cum into my cunt. After a moment to catch his breath, he pulled out of me and started shoving his cock back into his pants as he spat at my feet. “Don’t be surprised if I make a house call soon little whore” he teased eyeing his cum dripping down my thighs from under my skirt. Smirking as he left me there. 

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