Submissive Whores Spanking

Bare Bottom SpankingsI have been masters fuck slut for so long and I am always on my best behavior! I think it’s time for me to be a little naughty. I have made myself cum, took bath room breaks, wore normal clothes and all the other rules master has I broke. I can only imagine what his punishment will be! When he comes home and I’m not wearing my collar or naked he has a sneaky smirk on his face. I can’t help but giggle but he quickly shoves me over the bench in the room with my hands bound to the wooden legs and takes a thin cane to my bare bottom. I start to whine at first, the cane on my ass is sharp and stings. I start to beg for daddy to stop but he doesn’t until I count all the way to thrity strong spanks! Master doesn’t even put cooling cream on it after and put in in my cage for hours until he decides my time out is over. At the end of the night he fucks me nice and hard and tells me to stop misbehaving but you know I have much more slutty behavior in store don’t you hehe!

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    • Ron on August 27, 2021 at 7:19 am
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    Sweet subby whore for me!

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