Sucking Sweet Stockings

Soft bondage


It’s good for a super sub like me to take a break from all of the whips and chains and tone things down a bit with some soft bondage.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to have my flesh beaten and holes pounded just as much as the next slut, but not every dom is into that and that’s absolutely fine by me.

Yesterday I had a delightfully dirty time with a high class debutante dominatrix who has a thing for toe sucking.  She told me to show up looking my best and ready to be confined because she had a lovely leather skin suit that she was going to encase me inside of that would highlight my pretty face.  That’s right up my alley so I was ecstatic when she pulled out the shiniest outfit I had ever seen and started wedging me into it.  She gave my clit a quick lick before she covered it up which I thought was nice but she said it was just to make sure that I was good and wet before she sealed me in and limited my access to my own cunt.

Once I was all wrapped up, that rich little bitch pulled her tiny feet out of her six inch heels and started rubbing them all over my face.  The smooth, clear plastic mask must’ve felt as good to her as it did to me because as she used my face to massage her soles she started rubbing her tight little twat through her ball gown.  I ran my hands slowly up her silky smooth legs, pushed the tulle and satin out of the way until I reached her hips.  I grabbed the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them off of the dumb little dom.  She really tried hard to be in control but I could tell she was losing her bearings, so shoved her hose-covered toes into my mouth and started sucking hard as I worked her pussy over with both hands.

I made my young little mommy madame cum hard just like a good submissive slut should.  I’ll have to work on her a bit to really bring out her domineering side.  I’m actually looking forward to it, her cute little painted piggies tasted so salty-sweet that I can’t wait to get them back into my mouth!


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