Cum Worshiper

Cock WorshipingI love my master’s cock. I beg for it every single day. I love when he shoves his hard cock in my mouth and makes me beg to let him but it in my tight pussy. God, I love when he shoves his big hard cock into my tight little asshole. It hurts at first but after a minute it feels so good, and I beg him for more every time. I love when he takes his dick out me and starts slapping it on my face just to shove it all the way down my throat making me choke on it again. I beg for him to cum all over my face and bit tits and then take a finger to get some of his cum on it and make me lick it clean. I love the way his cum tastes.


    • Benjamin on July 10, 2022 at 11:55 am
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    I want to slide my cock into the top of those stockings.

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