submissive whore

I am not sure why my master would want to txt me instead of hear my whimpers and whines, my pleading and pleasure of pain. But we both know it’s not my place to question that. We both know that what my job is to shutup and do what I am told. That is why I am sweetsubmissivesookie. The one you can txt or call for the same cheap phone sex prices. The one you can push in the dirt and beat senseless. The one that you can make be  your little submissive whore. Shove my face in the dirt and your cock in my ass and make me take it. Make me take your piss in my mouth too, you know I am nothing but a toilet whore. A stupid little toilet whore who begs and yearns to be that piece of shit whore for you. If it’s not a texting session, then make it a call, please. I beg for you to listen to me whimper and cry and whine for mercy as you degrade me even more.

cheap phone sex

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