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I Am A Pain Slut

submissive whoreThe strike of the whip against my tits makes this pain sluts pussy get so wet. With each lash I feel my tits burn and my orgasm grow. I am a complete pain slut and ordinary sex does nothing for me. I want to be tied up and abused. I want welts and marks and open wounds. When the lashes open up my skin and the blood start to flow, I can’t control myself. I shake from the enormous orgasm that you have just given me. Want to tie me up and give all your friends a turn? That makes my cunt start dripping. I can service them all. Spread my legs and hold them up so that I can be DP’d. I love the feel of two cocks pounding me. But I still have one hole that is waiting to be abused. Ram a cock down there too baby. Don’t be gentle. Feel my throat start to gag. If I throw up all the better, just keep on ramming it until you shoot your load. I want to have my nipples clamped and weighted, my pussy abused, and my ass stretched. I need it baby and I think you are just the one to give this pain whore exactly what she needs.