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Spanking Phone Sex is What a Whore Needs Sometimes

spanking phone sexSpanking phone sex is what a girl needs sometimes. Or so I am told. Not that I do not love being spanked. Some men spank sensual. That kind of slow burn can really get my pussy purring.  But some days, I meet men who spank my ass raw. Tate is an older man. Not by much, but he is likely in his 50s. Distinguished guy. Sort of like an older Christian Gray type. He is friends with my master. A fellow lawyer. I was on loan this weekend because my master owed him a favor and he wanted to collect. It appears his regular girl had a family emergency and had to leave town for a week. That is too long for him to go without a submissive whore, so he asked my master to borrow me. Master did not consult me or anything. He just handed me to this suave and debonair gentleman for who knew what. Master rarely spanks me anymore. He lives vicariously through his associates now who spank and use me. Tate was happy to have me in his house for the weekend. I was happy at first too. He lives in a palace, and he treated me well. I got fed well and I was allowed to use the hot tub and pool. I saw the array of instruments he had for spanking. It was a scary, albeit impressive collection. Whips, chains, floggers, paddles, belts and he even had a spanking machine. Maybe he was Christian Gray. He used every instrument he had on my bottom too. Plus, he used his hands. I like bare bottom spankings, but this was brutal. My ass was raw. My ass was so sore too. It felt like I had been riding a horse naked through the desert. When I got in my car to go home, I could barely sit. Hell, I can still barely sit. I am not sure my ass can handle another beat down like that.

Office Submissive Slut and Piss Girl

submissive slutI am back to being an office submissive slut. My master is my boss. He is much older and not working as much. Plus, Covid had us working remotely from home for a year. He is a lawyer and partially retired, which means we are only in the office two days a week. But when we are, Master is making up for lost time. He was never a cruel master. His thing is bondage and light BDSM. He likes to tie me up and make me perform fellatio and office duties. Occasionally, he puts weights on my nipples and clit. Occasionally, some bare bottom spankings. He has done all sorts of things to me over the years, but he was never much into bathroom play thankfully. A lot has changed in the past year. He discovered Viagra and he is like a 40-year-old man again in the bedroom. Where he shows his age is bladder control. He may have a 40-year-old dick again, but he has a 67-year-old prostate. I have become his piss boy. I guess, I am a piss girl. I was in the office yesterday, and he had a long video conference. He still does Zoom meetings to keep clients out of the office until more of our state is vaccinated. While he was on his long video conference, I was under his desk, naked. I was to suck his cock and serve as his toilet. Now that he is on Viagra, he is hard as a rock, and he stays that way for a long time. My jaw was sore after 4 hours of sucking his old dick. I felt nauseated too, but not from his spunk, from his piss. I swear I swallowed a gallon of his piss. I used to love to go to work, but now that he treats me like his port-a-potty, not so much. Suddenly, I am more qualified for pissing phone sex than I was before, and I am not sure I like it.