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Erotic Submission Stories: Naughty Cum Eating Maid

Erotic submissive stories Erotic submission stories are hot to share. I have a caller who loves to hear my submission stories from before I became the seasoned submissive whore I am today. When I was in college, I had a professor I was fucking. Not for grades or anything; just for pleasure. He was not a BDSM guy. He enjoyed erotic roleplaying, spanking and light bondage. And of course my big tits. His favorite role play was naughty maid. He bought me a sexy French Maid’s outfit and I would clean his house. I was not the best maid ever, so often when he would do a white glove test or check how I folded the laundry, he would discover that I didn’t do a proper job. Lazy maids, maids who do not follow instructions, get their bare bottoms spanked. I would bend over the fireplace, expose my bare ass that was framed by a black garter belt and take my punishment. Every smack made me wetter. Ever smack made him harder. When my juices would gush out my pussy all over the floor because I am a squirter, I had to get on all fours and lick up the mess I made. This of course led to a good ass fucking. How could anyone resist my round, ample ass? As I licked my girl goo off the floor, my professor would fuck my ass. Of course, the massive load he always sprayed up my ass would pour out my butt hole on to the floor. I licked every last drop of his cum off the floor too. My naughty maid role plays from college have made me the cum slut I am today. I will drink cum from anywhere. Out of your cock, from a glass, off the floor out of some girl’s ass… You just tell me how and where.