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I’m Your Perfect Little Pet

Erotic Submissive Stories

I’m your pet. I follow you around, eager to please you in any way I can. As my master, you have full ownership of me. I am your property to do with as you see fit. You grab my leash and collar, fastening them to my neck. Such a sexy look for your pet. I’m naked, of course, as you require. And when you whip out that massive cock, I’ll be your good girl and slurp it down. I start by licking it up and down, watching your rod twitch in anticipation. Stuffing you further into my throat, my eyes water from your girth. I can’t help but gag as I work you all the way in, balls deep, but you don’t mind. You just grab my head and start furiously fucking my face. Every inch rams in and out, with no regard for if I can breathe. Then, bending me over, you zip tie my wrists together so you can pull them tight behind me while you spank me hard and fuck me. I yelp with each smack to my ass. With each thrust I feel you building up until you pull out, roll me back over, and milk out your nut into my open mouth. Has this worthless whore been good for you, Master?