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Submissive Whore Separates the Weak from the Strong

submissive whoreA submissive whore can take a good beating or spanking without saying ouch or crying. There is no crying in spanking. Not if you are a good bitch. Most days I go into work, it is just me and my boss, my full time Master. But today, he had a some extra bare bottoms around. He said it was Spank Me Wednesday. He wants me to retire next year. He thinks I am aging out as I approach 40, so he is searching for new paralegal slaves. He wanted my help in the interview process as a seasoned slave.

Spanking phone sexAll the prospective slaves were young, like me when I started. But, the young girls today, are not the same breed as me. They thinking being submissive is fun and games; they are duped by the “Fifty Shades of Gray,” novels. They think that is the reality of a master and servant relationship at work. It could not be any further from the truth. I am property. I am a slave in every sense. Sometimes I am forced to work chained to my desk with a ball gag in my mouth. Do you know how difficult it is to type restrained? Or answer a phone sounding like you got cock in your mouth? If I don’t do either perfectly, I am beaten, spanked, even tortured. There are no safe words for me. I work in an unsafe world.

submissive phone sexI got angered interviewing these young bimbos. I knew this was a phase for them. None of them had what it took to be a long term slave. Master was blinded by their perky little bodies. Gravity still loved them. But young girls today are so disrespectful; so self entitled. They cannot put a man’s needs and desires above their own hedonistic wants; not for long at least. When Master asked me to help with the spanking, I knew I could separate the weak from the strong. Haven been given my share of spanks in my life, I knew how to pop a wallop so it left a mark. None of those girls proved worthy of being my replacement. They were sent on their way with bright red butt cheeks, and tears in their eyes. Master looked at me and said, “Maybe I was wrong to think you could be replaced.” If I have my druthers, I will not retire anytime soon. I need to be enslaved until I die.