Tag: Sondage submission

Lead by example

My sir/master enjoys watching me tell others what to do and torturing them. I have to be careful though  because my master expects me to be able to to lead by example. If I am willing to dish out a punishment for my masters enjoyment, then he expects me to be willing to show I can handle it first. If I do not do as my master says I am held responsible and he punishes me first. My master is fond of playing with me while he inflicts just enough pain to get his point across and teach me these valuable lessons. I get the honor of setting an example for these girls and my master is caring enough to even give me the idea of a little control to pick what these other girls get to experience. I just must be willing to endure it myself first. I am so willing and ready that I will endure, especially so me and master can come together.

Bondage whore