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Submissive Whore Submits Up Her Ass For Punishment

A Sadistic Master Needs a Submissive Whore

Down on your knees my submissive whore. I love hearing those words coming from your lips, Master. I drop down to my knees like the good girl I am. But today I am to be punished. I raise my arms up with my palms up. You place a book on each of my hands and tell me to hold them. If the books fall you will beat my ass until I’m black and blew. The thought of that makes my cunt so fucking wet. And you know your little whore so well. You rub your fingers against that wet pussy and make me squirm.

submissive whore

My face turns red. I’m trying to keep the books up but you’re slamming your fingers inside of my cunt so hard. Three fingers stretch out my cunt and make me so horny. My pussy is flooding around those fingers. I’m so close to cumming. My entire body is shivering. Despite the whining about cumming I’m humping your fingers. I see your cock getting hard for submissive sex. You force me to stand up and bend over with my hands against the wall. I feel your cock rubbing against my cunt and beg you to fuck me. You do. But not my pussy.

Torture Sex For My Masochistic Slut Asshole

You spit on your cock. And then force it into my tight asshole. I wasn’t ready to have my ass fucked. I scream. You grab my neck and tell me to shut the fuck up or you’ll give me a reason to scream. I nod and bite down on my lip. My ass is still gripping on to your cock. I like the pain.My pussy is still soaking from that torture sex. Your hand reaches down to pinch my clit and I can’ hold it anymore. I cum so fucking hard. My ass squeezes around your cock and you drain your dick inside of my whore ass.

I Need More Than Light Bondage!


light bondage

Light bondage is for white bitches! a chocolate slave like me can handle extreme BDSM and sex that’s so rough its assault. I’m used to being treated like dark fuck meat with holes made for a superior white cock. You always bind me by my tits and twat until they’re bulging through the ropes. I want to be your nigger cum dumpster so bad that I actually enjoy when you demand that I worship your lily-white dick. If my praise doesn’t seem sincere, you punish me however you see fit. You know how much I hate nigger dick so if/when your pretty porch monkey gets out of line you let 6 big black apes fuck me pink hole. I only want your cock in my filthy nigger pussy, master. “Please don’t let those silver backs touch me and force fuck my ass” I beg as they come closer with their swinging cocks. You still let them obliterate my fuck holes with their big ass nigger dicks because that’s what darkie sluts like me are good for. It is my job to figure out what makes master happy so I hope after I get all this nigger juice out my twat I can please you again.