Take it out on me.

Submissive slutThe first blow busted my lip. I felt the blood fly and I knew he was planning on taking all of his aggression out on me. He was my Master’s boss and his wife had cheated on him. I was taking the punishment that she deserved. He had dressed me up in her clothes and wearing her perfume. He raged, calling me a whore and telling me how I had ruined his life.

He slammed me up against the wall and I fell to my knees. “Have mercy, sir.” I begged but it was futile. He was drooling in his hatred, his cock standing out and purple. He kicked me solidly in the stomach. When My mouth flew open, he rammed his cock into it.  All of his rage was directed at my mouth as he battered my throat with his fuckstick. I gurgled and choked.

He began to scream. “You’re a dirty whore. You suck big black cocks behind my back.” I felt sorry for him and reached up to stroke his balls. They were so full. I bobbed on his swollen penis, tasting the metallic pre-cum that had been building. A submissive just knows what a man needs. I urged him to grab me by the hair and use me. The force of his orgasm made him stagger backwards. We fell to the floor, gasping. We were just getting started. Sometimes a man just needs a hot fuckhole to take his stress out on.

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