Tell Us what to do all the time.

Submissive Whore

Did you know that you can text us? You can tell your dirty whores what to do at all times. If you are unable to talk where ever you are. That burning desire hits you when you are angry. You want to take it out on one of us, text us and tell us what to do. Caitlin is a fucking bitch, she will always do as you say. Last text we got was for her to spank me until I was fucking bleeding. Our Dom master had a bad day at work. He wanted Caitlin to start my punishment while he drove home. He wanted to be teased knowing I was being punished for his bad day by Caitlin. At first she was scared, she didn’t want to hurt me. She is a subby whore like me. She begs for commands like I do.

Submissive phone sex

What ever our master tells us to do we do it. She tied me up like she was told to do. Then she grabbed the whip. She was crying at first, and after the second whip she started laughing. I looked over my shoulder to look her in the eyes. She hit me again. “Did I fucking tell you to look at me? You are such a stupid fucking cunt!” She whipped me over and over. Master texted her again, He wanted pictures this time. He wanted video of her hitting me as well. He wanted me to beg him to make her stop. In the video you see her cracking the whip, hearing the loud smack against my ass as she laughs. You hear me whimper, and I start to beg. “Please Master! PLEASE! Make her stop !! MASTER PLEASE!!”

BDSM phone sex

Crack of the whip takes me over the edge. I scream as loud as I could as master walks into the door. He untied me, sat me down on the ground. Grabbed Caitlin by her throat. He threw her on the bed, he tied her arms and legs down. He walked back over to me and helped me up. He put the whip in my hand and told me it was my turn. Now this bitch is going to fucking pay.

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