The Anal Annihilators

Submissive WhoreThe zip ties were cutting into my wrists and my tits were so purple from being choked by the ropes, I thought they might fall off!

The clamp that was latched to my clit had an electrical shock that surged and sent my pussy into convulsions and the ball gag muffled my screams just enough to make the neighbors question if it was tantric sex or torture!

Both! It was both!

My master loves tying me up and my screams bring him so much erotic pleasure!

And he always lets me cum when we have our training sessions and no one can make me cum like he can!

But this time he just watched!

My blindfold hid the identity but I knew the hard cock that was being forced into my bruised pussy wasn’t his.

And that throbbing cock was followed by another, and then another, until my tender pussy was swollen and red and dripping with the cum of countless men!

I heard the men leave as my master untied me.

My body fell to the floor and I pulled my blindfold off to see a wad of cash on the table!

He told me I was going to earn my keep one way or another!

And that ended the pussy pounding portion of the evening…then he yelled to a new group of men…” Send down the anal annihilators!”

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