Surprise From Master

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My master surprised me with clamps I was nervous but very excited to try it. He first started by clamping my big nipples he did it so tight they were red very quickly. Then he clamped my clit something I have never had the pain shot all throw me and started making me drip as soon as he noticed he clamp my pussy lips too! With my arms and hands tied I couldn’t move without feeling the burn of a rope, which only cause me to want to please my master more. So, I opened my mouth up like a good whore and let him shove his hard cock in me. Master brought a new special toy for me to try, a horse dick dildo. While I sucked his fat cock, he shoved that big horse dick in my dripping cunt, he pounded my mouth while pounding my pussy and when I felt his balls unloading all his jizz in my mouth I couldn’t help but cum too my pussy loves when I get to taste his cum. 

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