The Cum Guzzler

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You led me downstairs to our dungeon with the thick black leather dog collar you designed specifically for me tightly wrapped around my neck, leash attached of course. You ordered me to get down on my knees and open my mouth. That was when 10 of your trucker friends walked out of the shadows with their cocks out. They all took turns slapping me in the face with their dicks while you tied my wrists to my ankles. The uncomfortable position made it impossible for me to fight back. You then brought out the strangest accessory- a funnel with a long tube attached. It read on the side, “The Cum Guzzler” in big thick black letters. The guys excitedly jacked off their penises, chuckling and knowing what was about to happen next. You lubed up the tube and demanded that I opened wide- Shoving “The Cum Guzzler” straight down my throat without any real warning. Then grabbing a paddle with your other hand, you began to spank me as hard as you could while urging your disgusting and fat men to jerk the cocks harder, reminding them that they are going to feed me their cum via my new toy. As they start to blow their loads one by one, you order me to drink up. I begin to choke almost on all the sperm but your spanking and flogging doesn’t let up for even a second. Finally as the last few cum, you hang your dick into the funnel and piss- telling me that I probably needed something to wash that all down with. The men leave and you order me up on to my feet- handing me a mop and telling me to clean while you watch.

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