The Only Toilet You Need

The only toilet you need is a self cleaning submissive slut toilet. I’m willing to be Master’s everything and if that means I will be laying under a toilet chair faced up with clamps holding my mouth open, its ok. I’m a pleasing whore for my Masters and some say I’m easy on the eyes even I guess I’m cute. Guys love shitting, pissing and cumming on my whore face. I have one Master that makes me wear a pig snout and oink for him as he deficates on my face. I have had to roll around in mud like a pig and got washed with a golden shower of like 5 guys stranding around me. They pissed so much on me that I couldn’t get rid of the smell from my nostrils. I promise to be a good little whore for your filthy needs Master. Sincerely your toilet slave Celeste.

pissing phone sex

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