Good Girl Sookie

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I had such a long morning. It was really fun. I don’t know how to explain why it was so much fun besides the fact of being tied up and being used and abused. I just honestly love pleasing. I like taking all those cocks of different sizes and colors. I like them in all my hole, filling me and stretching me. I love to be made to scream! Fuck me so hard I cry, if that’s what gets your cock off. Do with me as you please, I am here none other than to please you and be used by you. I know my worth. And today….. Today I got what I wanted just like every single time. Except instead of having all my holes filled with cum, I got loads and loads of cum all over my face and body. I truly did love every single minute of it. I moaned and came so much that even after they were done with me, I swore my body was still shaking. My legs and arms were weak, my pussy was swollen and my jaw hurt a little. But feeling all the warm cum all over my face and body just seemed to make it all better. I love being used. I am such a good girl!

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