The Rim Job!

Prostate milking

Rim Job 

Men who know really know. The orgasm that comes from Prostate milking is in fucking sane. However, it seems to be hard for a man to admit to a powerful strong woman that he wants her to play with his asshole. Well, who better to milk you then a submissive whore who aims to please?

We can start real slow. Your cock in my mouth while my finger explores your taint. Slowly dragging just the tip of my finger up and down. The harder you get the deeper I press. Oh, this is driving you insane isn’t it? Using that tip and my spit I glide down further. Circling that special back door. Making sure to hit all the sensitive spots. Your cock is just about where I want it and I am ready to blow your mind.  You wonder how I am going to top this? I am going to massage your prostate with the tip of my tongue. 

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