They drugged me

I didn’t know what kind of night I had last night till I woke up with my body all bruised. I went to the bar and hung out with a few guys from the other side of the tracks. My ex really did a number on me because all I crave is thuggish men. I love trailer park guys and have a big soft spot for gang bangers.

After realizing life is much better as a submissive brat, I ended up picking up some extracurricular activities. I’m beyond into making men feel like kings while they treat me like trash. The guys at the bar were calling me a cute whore and kept telling me they wanted to all fuck me. I wasn’t ready for the group, so I acted all coy and had my eyes set on only one. They all had other things in mind because they were all going to have their way with me, whether I liked it or not. They totally drugged me because they were talking about it, and they were going to give me a bare bottom spanking.f

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