They Used Me

submissive whoreIt is the football playoffs, and I knew that I would be the halftime entertainment. I didn’t mind, after all that is what a submissive slut is for and that is what my master wanted. I was getting ready and by the sounds from the other room I could tell it wasn’t going well. That would mean that the guests would be frustrated and angry. What better way to get your aggressions out than by an obedient whore? I walked out and Master attached my ball gag. He smacked my face and told me that he would get me first.

He threw my chest against the table and spread my ass cheeks. He pushed his already hard cock deep inside my ass as he grabbed my hair. No lube and my ass was ripping and tearing but I would not flinch. This is what I am to do. He laughed and told the other guys to join. I felt a hand smack my face and turn my head around. He ripped off my ball gag and rammed his cock deep inside my throat. I was gagging and choking but he didn’t stop. When Master shot his load in my ass, he said next. They lined up and ran a gangbang on me. Filling my mouth, pussy, and ass with their cum. Then the game came on and Master pushed me on my knees to take turns blowing them while the game played on.

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